Email Marketing Tutorial : How to Write Emails that Convert ?

Hey everyone! It’s Chiara from SEMrush here. In this free training, I will show you how to send emails that convert in this Email Marketing Tutorial ! But before we dive into that, why is email marketing still so important? Even after all these years, email is still the “web’s killer app”. Technologies may change, marketing platforms may come and go, but through it all the world still relies on email.

According to Statista, in fact, there are 3.9 billions daily email users, and that number is expected to climb to 4.3 billions by 2023. Wow! So, now that we understand why they’re so important, let’s get right to 5 tips for writing high converting emails. Read this email marketing tutorial !

Tip #1 : Set goals 

Different types of emails have different purposes, and of course, that means that they have different goals. And it’s very important to identify them. Make a list of all the types of emails that your company sends, and think about what is the goal for each of them. It’s the first goal of our email marketing tutorial.


This will help of course evaluate and measure the performance of those emails, and create then a cohesive plan. Here’s a few examples of goals that might help you.

Tip #2 : Have one purpose for each element. 

The biggest mistake we see people make all the time is over complicating their emails.

Remember, and keep in mind, that the only purpose of a subject line should be getting people to open that email: nothing more, nothing less. And the same goes for the body of your email, the only purpose of that is to get people to read it all. And the same goes also for your CTA: The only purpose and goal of any CTA should behaving people clicking on it and that’s it! I’ll elaborate on that a bit more later, but since we’re talking about subject lines.

Tip #3 : Write great subject lines

An enticing subject line can become your very best friend, making your email stand amongst tons of other messages, but it also can become your worst enemy, delivering your marketing straight to the spam folder.

Tip #4 : Always include a Call To Action

A CTA tells your readers exactly what they should do next. Train your audience to look for emails from you, to read them, and click on a link or a button for whatever’s next. And pay attention! This doesn’t always have to be sales-focused. It’s very important point in this Email Marketing Tutorial.

Call to action

It could be, for example, a link to a page or a blog post for your readers to read the full story, or it could be even just simply a message where you ask your readers to share their thoughts and opinions. Whatever it is, its hould always encourage a click. And this will pay off when you actually start selling via email. A little pro tip: Use contrasting colors in your linking buttons, and make your CTA clearly visible and easy to find.

Buttons tend to perform better than text links these days, because so many people are on mobile and buttons are just easier to click.

Tip #5 : Send stuff that matters!

Even if you implement all the tips that we’ve discussed in today’s video, your email marketing campaigns are still gonna fall flat if you haven’t filled your emails within teresting, relevant, and practical information. And if you need to understand more or less what your audience could be interested in, a great tool that you could use is the Topic Research tool by SEM rush. The Topic Research, in fact, allows you to check what exactly are people talking about when searching for a specific keyword or phrase. This is extremely important for two reasons: The first one, is that you’ll be able to see which subtopics are connected to the topic of your choice and you’ll be able to see also which headlines are already on the SERP that talk about the topic you have chosen, and most of all which questions are being asked by the audience that is interested in what you have searched.

This will give you tons of ideas for you emails. Check it out! So that’s how you send an email that converts! I hope you found this free training helpful, and if you liked what you saw please subscribe to the channel, hit the like button and activate the notification bell. And why don’t you type my name on the comments on what is your best email marketing tip? I’ll be reading through them and I’ll be choosing the best one to send a little SEM rush gift! I hope you enjoyed this free training, see you next time!