Best email marketing software for you !

Best email marketing software for you !

Hi guys ! This is Jeff. Welcome to my free training. In this training,  I will be digging into this concept when you’re looking for an email marketing software and getting into building list in this kind of structure as an online marketer, but also I will be sharing a quick story here as well. So, what to expect a quick story of why people are calling an email list a ATM machine and how to look at that in the story ? So let us just jump right here.

Get Response is a GREAT Option

So, when you’re looking at email marketing software, it’s really going to boil down to what you needed to do and personally I use get response all stick a link up here, click it, check it out, and in the description below get a free trial like it does not like, but a few things to look for is I’ve used get response. I haven’t switched to anybody else for a few reasons. I have looked at like a Weber a competitor of theirs Your get response is typically cheaper monthly that is really a good service. I have been enjoying things about them is just how everything is, so simple so laid out and youjust have so many tools that are just really easy to work with when it comes to newsletter in setting up your auto responder series and it’s really straightforward but also something that has impressed me as a marketer as I did newsletter stuff from them and they gave me a free ebook a while ago on how to really work with your list and it’s been very useful and insightful and it’s been very grateful for that and I’ve been very impressed. So, that’s why I personally use get response, but as you’re looking out there and you just type in email marketing software you’re gonna be bombarded by a whole ton of them and so what is it gonna be about what you need and so as you look at get response or aWeber, mail chimp if you’re online doing what I’m doing which is primarily like affiliate marketing. You don’t own the products, you simply promote it and getting a check cut this so funny when you say it just is getting a check cut but as I make money with the online marketing and I’m getting more into your email marketing as a whole point of getting into online marketing is to have money on demand  which is about what you need and the whole point of a email outo responder of course is that the ory is you get traffic you get leads in here then you have emails to go out like this. So, what I do personally is I’ll build things I’m only doing online market part time because I’m a real person and have a life where I have to go out to work for my money and eventually I will be going full time my stuff  is only marketing stuff is reviving up so it’s really looking encouraging. I will be going full-time at some point once its upersedesmy full-time job and so but diving into when you’re looking out there and your wondering what provider to use, keep in mind it’s like what do you need ? Where are you looking at being in five years from now do you want to use a free 1 ? I would just say right now I don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, use free. The issue you’re going to run into with your free stuff all the time is you’re going to have ads on there. You’re not going to have quality of service with them. There’s just a lot of things about free. You just wanna stay clear of and so personally yeah . . .

Email marketing software

Use get response a Weber is supposed to be pretty good too and so those are your main ones. You want to make sure your stuff works with whatever landing page service or software and I know get response works really well flawlessly with like optimize press which is what I use, but also I used other landing page software out there and get responses plugged right in. They work really well easily so that’s another thing to keep in mind and also if you are doing like affiliate marketing like me, you are going to be keen on making sure they are not freaking out that you’re promoting something that I think it was Mail chimp. I was reading some stuff there  in which they really don’t want their stuff to be perceived as spam but no provider wants. Their whole domain name is considered a spam because they’re attracting people that only spam ok so just a few things to keep in mind you don’t really have as a marketer. You’re looking at being here long-term so you don’t wanna spam. You want to have a business. You want to have a product or service. You are the added value. So just a few tips are there so I wanna come right into, more now, I hope that gives me a little bit more information about what you’re looking out there. Make sure it does what you need personally. I use get response, I love get response. Try them. . . .

Evidence from Experience !

Love them. Use them. . . So I want to share this story I found online a while ago and give you an idea what’re new possible things I got.

. . Throw quick income disclaimer right here right now just because I’m using reference all numbers doesn’t mean you will be guaranteed to make money with email marketing et-cetera . .

 So I can’t behold responsible and I can’t make any promises these numbers will be strictly reference role for this story to the best of my understanding. So you have this guy who was on vacation. The issue is when you’re traveling around you’re gonna have a very restrictive internet access and heran into a spot, was he really interested to check his emails or whatever it was and it was going to cost ten dollars. Just to do that for whatever amount of time the guys like how can I get this money back within the time that it takes me to login check a few things with my email and how can I get that money back? How can I make 10 bucks that was his whole focus point and this is when this part right here’s what I mean when I’m talking about a-list becoming the ATM means you go up to it does bunch of money pops out. You’re looking at the twenty dollar bills, you grab them and put them in your wallet the concept of that, so these guys like well how can I do this and so what he did is he wrote up a two-minute email through a affiliate link in there  and he did that and sent it out to a list X amount of people a niche market of course and he’s as well seeing how that goes and so the weekend you know it’s all vacation gets done with that. . Check his stuff on Monday. I think it was and he logs into his affiliate link all those affiliate stuff , we can see what was going on with it and that little two-minute email equalled like 7 thousand dollars in the end. . .

Best email marketing software

And just to give you an idea what is possible how you can do that because if you have a large enough list there’s something there that sinks well with them. You know or say something they’re all really interesting. You throw out a link. You have X amount of those, click on X amount buy. It’s not magic. Its numbers and statistics so that’s something to really keep in mind as you are getting into like email marketing, its not. . . it’s not magical when you have an extremely targeted click, an extremely targeted click sent to a specific offer that Buys and you have a statistical amount of people that you’ve pulled to get her that buy.  You get paid, so just keeping that in mind when you’re building a list.

Of course you wanna have, you know, the right person. The right offer gives you a sale and essentially this is the story I wanted to share and at this point I will be throwing here a link for my email list. You can join my list. I share some stuff there that it’s very exclusive that I do not share with anybody else exclusive information that I’m trying online marketing stuff that’s been working for me too to make money and is better in my life and gives me a way to share that information exclusively to reach out that way, but also you’ll have a way to contact me as well there and  I’ll leave a link over here for you to join my email list and then in the description below. This is Jeff ! I hope this has been insightful and useful and hopefully it got some good value from those, and I will catch you up later.